A rash of delays on Capitol Corridor

July 23, 2008 at 4:53 am Leave a comment

The Caltrain station in San Jose is also an Amtrak stop for the Capitol Corridor, which goes from San Jose to Sacramento via Oakland. I’ve taken the train a few times, when the train runs on time, riding the Capitol Corridor is a great experience. Seats on that train are large and comfortable with lots of leg room. The train also has a cafe car where you can buy food and drinks. In the East Bay, you can see the train you’re on racing with the elevated BART trains running a few blocks away.

Capitol Corridor’s managing director, Eugene Skoropowski, has a reputation of communicating directly with riders. Earlier today, he sent an email to riders explaining and apologizing for a rash of delays occurred during the last few weeks on the Capitol Corridor. These delays were neither mechanical nor caused by Union Pacific, which owns the tracks. One of the delays was caused by a truck hitting the train on the side. On another incident, a passenger got on the train without a ticket in Martinez and jumped out of the train through an emergency exit window upon arriving at Richmond Station. That passenger left behind a suspicious package which prompted an evacuation of the train. Another incident involved a vehicle blocking the tracks outside the grade crossings. Two of the delays involved trespassers and one was killed.

Sometimes you have to appreciate the effort Caltrain puts into in order to deter trespassers and create safety awareness. In the East Bay, the train tracks are largely unfenced. Trespassers can cross tracks easily and cars often stop on the railroad track waiting at a red light. Even so, unfortunately, some of the incidents were just too weird and too hard to avoid.


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